Community Day Programs, Respite, Complex Needs, Residential, and Employment Support.

You can freely request any of these services. We typically respond within 24 hours

Canadian Companion Services is an associate member of Alberta Council of Disability Services

As your trusted companion

Living Support

The support service team promotes an inclusive community within the group and assist with goal setting, skill development, recreational and leisure activities, among others.

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Supportive Roommate

The supportive roommates are among our human capital asset approved to receiving trainings, orientations, and guidance within our policies framework.

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Adult Relief Services

This service is available any day of the week and is particularly good for families or caregivers desiring who are desiring a temporary break from the routine of care-giving daily activities.

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Our Mandate

We build diverse, equitable and inclusive communities of staff, who are trained to become trusted companions to Canadians living with disabilities. We believe that our people are the greatest asset. Therefore, we will constantly invest to attract, retain, and develop the right human capital for exceptional service delivery to our clients and community.

Our Collaboration

Canadian Companion Services' priority interest is to support, lead, and influence Community Disability Services through education, partnerships, and accreditation. We also support and promote the ethics and values of Alberta Council of Disability Services.


Our core values define who we are, what we stand for and how we run the Canadian Companion Services as an organization. These values are summarized with ICEA acronym.

We will promote community inclusion by encouraging social participation within the community and value everyone’s uniqueness and abilities. To achieve this, we will continue to leverage the knowledge of client’s interests, personal goals, and priorities regarding community life. We are committed to bridge any identified gap by providing training to develop client’s skills required to successfully function in their desired lifestyle and future inclusionary activities.

We will foster a culture that ensure individual client’s wellbeing is at the center of our service philosophy, operations, and ideas by focusing on creating a safe, and conducive environment to meet their requirements. We will constantly seek to understand the unique challenges of individual client and design customized mutually beneficial service solutions.

We will promote healthy relationships with our clients with the mindset of building capacity to understand clients’ experiences from within their individuals’ unique frame of reference for positive outcomes. We will always seek to understand the client’s behaviors from different perspectives and adapt our reactions and service solutions as such.

We will always provide a high-level standard of services to clients within the care community network. We will accept the responsibility for honest and ethical conduct towards our client’s, our people, and the wider community as the trusted companion.